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GAME SYSTEM is a comprehensive Management system that fully operates every aspect of your entertainment business. Your guests are going to use Magnetic Cards to play games, access to attractions and rides, buy food and souvenirs, and obtain prizes through promotions among other things.

Operators are not only able to control all this areas but also they can track and monitor efficiently every transaction since the system provides them with customizable reports with business intelligence. Our range of products: Game System®, Redemption System, POS System, APS, Xperience Debit Card Reader, Ticket Jackpot, Parties & Groups, Loyalty Programs, Reports, and much more!
In the world of entertainment, Coin Tech is the top developer of management technology solutions that suit every venue in the Family Entertainment Industry.

Coin Tech’s distribution network: United States, Mexico, Spain, Dubai and India; combined with our professional team of software developers, electronic engineers, technical support specialist and business consultants, have positioned our company as one of the most reliable and experienced suppliers of Amusement Industry.

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